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Data Scientist

OpenSistemas is currently recruiting a Data Scientist to join a challenging project within the telecom sector. He or she will join an existing ...

Data Engineer

We're looking for a Data Engineer. Benefits: Long term project & permanent contractCareer schemeTraining and certification schemeFlexible ...

Front End Developer

We're looking for a Front End Developer with experience using React.js. Benefits: Long term project & permanent contractCareer schemeTraining ...

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Data Scientist

OpenSistemas is currently recruiting a Data Scientist to join a challenging project within the telecom sector. He or she will join an existing ...

Tech Recruiter (Full Remote)

We are a Spanish company that specialises in innovation. We offer consulting services in artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and software ...

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OpenSistmas’ greater value is its people, an experienced and reliable team, formed by professionals that work with passion and enthusiasm. Each one of our colleagues contributes every day with their maximum effort to carry out quality projects that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and, furthermore, make them evolve as professionals.

OpenSistemas is fully aware of the daily dedication of our team and therefore we offer different ways of flexible remuneration and complementary benefits:

  • Career plan and salary reviews
  • Flexible hours and teleworking some days of the week (depending on the project)
  • Flexible remuneration with restaurant tickets, transport, childcare and health insurance
  • Training and certifications
  • Meeting, parties and events


We believe that it is imperative to invest in employee training and development in order to thrive and compete successfully in today’s ever-changing corporate arena. That’s why we devise continuous training programs for existing employees and provide them opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Career Plan

At our company there are no limits or barriers to professional development. We have established an annual evaluation system and we have developed a career plan model based on the personal performance of each of our employees.

Flexible Remuneration

Our flexible remuneration plan allows employees to choose the benefits they want or need. Among other things, OpenSistemas’ flexible benefit plan includes health insurance, meal vouchers, childcare tickets…


Respect for cultural diversity and equality of opportunity between men and women is a must in our company. Our commitment to women’s empowerment is present at all levels of the company and we have embedded our dedication to diversity and gender balance into how we work.

Open Source

Open source has become the de facto way to build software. We truly believe using open source technologies and models helps create more innovative solutions. We’ve spent almost 20 years collaborating on community projects and our commitment to provide the open source community with knowledge and resources has no limits.


The reconciliation of work, private and family life is a key area for us. This is why we offer the possibility of teleworking on certain days of the week.


Always creating products and solutions that improve the way to understand , manage and use information: Electiona,, Graspway, OsBrain, OsMarkets, …


Born from the Open Source revolution and with almost 20 years of experience, we remain young, disruptive and inspired by values such as rock, sport or STEM for boys and girls.

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