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SofIA, AI for companies


Organization seeking to incorporate for its employees capabilities of Public Generative Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT, but with information protection, and integrate these AIs into its ERP, CRM, Data Lake, and processes


Integrate an Artificial Intelligence Assistant that encompasses all publicly available knowledge with GPT-4, all internal company knowledge connected to internal systems like Drive, ERP, CRM, Data Lake, and other sources, along with various integrations with other tools to provide additional capabilities.
SofIA no es simplemente un asistente de IA; es una plataforma completa de integración que proporciona diversas funcionalidades para resolver desafíos específicos de negocio.
Luis Flores, CEO




Every employee gains access to the maximum expertise within the company within minutes.


The AI assistant seamlessly integrates into the corporate chat, granting employees access to the entire company's knowledge along with all the features of ChatGPT-4.


Everything produced previously is available for replication, such as pieces of code or procedures. Now, employees are limited to tackling only new challenges.

SofIA is like a librarian with infinite knowledge. She’s the person in the company who knows who’s who, who did what, and where everything is. She knows it all and is always available to help anyone in need.
David González, CTO of OpenSistemas.

How do we do it?

David González, CTO of OpenSistemas, is the father of this AI. SofIA was born in response to an experience that many managers have had after using AIs like ChatGPT, thinking about incorporating them into the company: after the novelty of the first interactions, the chat doesn’t solve many of their real needs. Especially business needs. So, David decided to create an AI assistant at the service of all people, processes, and operations of a company.

An AI born to support cultural change in the company by democratizing AI for organizations. And that all workers have access to ChatGPT in a democratic way, without paying or experimenting on their own.
Thus, SofIA is the company’s library of wisdom that it serves. It contains 3 sources of knowledge to cover practically anything you ask for:

  • All the available knowledge of Chat GPT
  • All the knowledge of the company embedded in systems like Drive, ERP, CRM, Data Lake, Microsoft Teams, Azure Cloud, Google Chat, CMS like Wordpress, LMSs, and other internal sources of information.
  • Any integration with other tools that allow us additional capabilities, given the architecture based on plugins to extend functionalities such as Email Management, Internet Search Engines, Twitter, Telegram, Notion, Computer Vision, Complex Task Planning, Interaction with websites (clicks, text input, etc.).

And all of this is capable of returning it as a response to a query made by the company’s chat.
With SofIA, members of a company can do things like:

  • Daily Management. Such as clocking in for you, booking your holidays, or logging your hours, as simple as asking through chat.
  • Intelligent Planning. An advanced planning module to manage complex tasks that require multiple steps, with programmable tasks.
  • Find the Responsible Party. Redirect inquiries to the responsible individuals or those with the capacity to assist you.
  • Integration with Processes. SofIA acts as a Project Manager when something requires intervention from multiple departments.
  • Convert Company Processes into Simple Prompts. Activate the expertise of senior employees for everyone automatically to guide junior members in internal processes.
  • Candidate Searches. Filter specialized candidates for your Human Resources teams, using prompts to refine the search.
  • Onboarding. Guide new hires through the information they need to know, step by step, educating them on the resources already available to them.
  • Reuse Work Pieces. Like designs, codes, documents, presentations… generated by others and make them available for everyone.
  • Assist in Creation. Use it to create code, documents, and creativities, ensuring that established quality or branding criteria are met.
  • Ensure Privacy. It can incorporate private company data into the context of reasoning but without providing sensitive information to third parties.
  • And much more.
SofIA is available in the Google Chat or Microsoft Teams chat as just another companion, serving as the assistant that knows everything about the company. The friction when using it is none. That’s why you can ask questions like:

  • SofIA, who is on vacation, how do I request sick leave, and how many holidays do I have left?In this case, you can give permission for SofIA to log in as if it were you in the company’s internal ERP and provide you with your specific information.

  • SofIA, do we have any Scala archetype that I can replicate for my project?In this case, she tells you what she finds and provides both the git repository and the person and contributors who have worked on it. Security in this case relies on the code. SofIA tells you what’s available, and you either have or don’t have access to it. You can inquire about access or ask questions. Technical leaders validate the upload to this repository and ensure that SofIA only has access to quality information.

  • SofIA, do we have any use case for cloud in the banking sector?In this case, SofIA checks the internal sales document repository and provides information related to banking, and then other related information, such as how Google Drive searches work.

  • SofIA, can you find a person in the company with a profile similar to this other one?In this case, SofIA queries the internal employee database and the availability of profiles. You could formulate the query as: SofIA, give me a full-stack Azure developer who knows JavaScript for two weeks from now.


SofIA is a business strategy that provides a measurable return on investment and contributes to the sustainable growth of the company.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Reduction in resources required for administrative tasks.
  • Redirecting teams towards higher-value tasks.
  • Simplification of processes through a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Faster and more accurate resolution of customer queries.
  • Higher rates of satisfaction and retention.
  • Reduction in the cost of support areas.
  • Data analysis capabilities.
  • More informed and agile decision-making.
  • Modular architecture.
  • Adaptation to the changing needs of the business.
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Human Resources Automation
  • Office Tasks
  • Software Development Assistance
  • Marketing
  • Management and Strategy



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