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Computer Vision with Edge

Enhance your digital performance by integrating computer vision with Edge and make informed decisions with our cutting-edge solutions.


Industries with needs for process automation and improvement in operational efficiency, with concerns about data security.


Integrate computer vision with Edge for visual analysis, natural language processing to enhance human-computer interaction, Generative Artificial Intelligence, and classic Machine Learning solutions for informed decision-making.
Si tú, con tus ojos, puedes ver el objeto, una IA también podrá verlo, sin importar la forma o el color. Podemos imitar la visión con una capacidad igual a la de los humanos.
Henry Navarro, Head of AI at OpenSistemas




Fewer errors, shorter times. Expand productive capacity and manage more business with the same resources.

Shopping experience

Data powers shopping experiences, drives retention, and increases the Life Time Value (LTV) of each customer.


Risk situations (e.g., intruder detection in restricted environments) are identified in advance and responded to immediately.

How do we do it?

On one hand, at Opensistemas, we work with other companies in the industrial landscape and understand the context. We have experience processing and analyzing data in real-time, without depending on cloud connections. This way, we have perfected the ability to train neural networks for various critical tasks in the field of computer vision. Each of these tasks requires a specialized approach and a set of technical skills to achieve accurate and applicable results in real-world environments. But each new client benefits from all the previous learning.
We have developed several artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that leverage powerful devices like NVIDIA Jetson to process natural language and computer vision right at the point of action.

We implement a highly efficient model architecture designed to operate locally on Edge devices. This translates to a significant reduction in latency and preserves bandwidth. Edge execution not only ensures real-time performance but also reinforces data privacy and security, especially in environments with limited connectivity. By positioning processing capability directly at the data source, we guarantee optimal performance without compromising data integrity.

In computer vision with Edge, we deploy our model in various environments according to different needs:

  • Cloud computing: Leveraging scalable cloud resources for more accurate and faster visual analysis
  • Private servers: Implementing customized solutions on private servers to meet specific security and performance requirements.
  • NVIDIA Jetson devices: Deploying technologies for exceptional Edge performance, allowing the execution of multiple neural networks in parallel.
  • Mobile phones: Both Android and iPhone, no internet connection required.
  • Video surveillance: Implementing on video cameras from strategic partners.

This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities, from security surveillance to real-time object detection and behavior analysis, crucial for autonomous systems and IoT applications.


  • Automation of manual and repetitive tasks, such as inventory management, inspection, and internal process control.
  • Time and resource release for employees to focus on strategic tasks.
  • Reduction in labor and training costs.
Optimizes processes by allowing companies to process and analyze visual data directly where it is generated, without the need to send it to remote servers. By performing analysis and decision-making tasks locally, companies can take actions in real-time.
  • The implementation of systems for detecting intruders in facilities significantly strengthens the protection of assets and ensures employee safety.
  • Prevents accidents in warehouses and monitors incidents in crowded places with high human traffic.
  • Identification of threats or suspicious behaviors.
  • Through detailed analysis of customer information and behavior, personalized offers and experiences are achieved, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Creating immersive experiences that allow customers to interact with products and services naturally.
  • Processing complex data such as images, videos, and real-time data, as if processed by a human eye.
  • Development of personalized products and services that cater to individual customer needs, based on large volumes of data that only a machine can process.
By conducting processing with Edge, the exposure of sensitive data is minimized, thereby reducing security risks and ensuring greater privacy. This strategy streamlines local analysis and decision-making, leading to a significant improvement in process and product quality.



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