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Explore Graspway, the leading e-learning platform. We manage profiles and levels for effective training.


All large and small organizations need to provide their employees with a comprehensive solution for training and developing their professional skills, addressing the training needs of each role, at the speed of adaptation in a changing world, and the need to have levers for talent retention.


We need to respond with an easily deployable solution that adapts to the size of the organization, the geolocation of teams, and the diversity of departments and roles. This solution should allow for long-term evolution without becoming obsolete as the company grows or changes.
Transformamos el aprendizaje con entornos virtuales únicos y personalizados. Nuestro enfoque educativo abarca desde desarrollo hasta soporte, aprovechando tecnologías avanzadas como blockchain e IA
Daniel Peláez, COO of Opensistemas



Onboarding processes

Reduce the learning curve in onboarding by providing organized access to necessary training, building a path for the new employee.

Continuous training

Achieve business results by designing a training path for each department that allows them to evolve in their career plan.

Knowledge base

Democratize and make the same information available to all department members, avoiding knowledge asymmetries in teams.

How do we do it?

Born from an innovative vision and the need to provide a truly adaptable and customizable LMS solution for each company and educational institution. We have built this platform from scratch, ensuring that it is in open systems. This means that it is not only a versatile solution but can also be shaped to meet specific needs. From system design to the development of highly specialized content, our platform is ready to meet the most demanding requirements.
Graspway is an e-learning platform designed to provide the best learning experience, with the ability to manage different user profiles and levels of access. Every aspect is designed to maximize the effectiveness of training.

Our platform allows you to keep a detailed track of the students’ progress, providing valuable information about their performance. But that’s not all. You can also create specific training itineraries, ensuring that each student acquires the necessary skills in a particular subject.

Comprehensive Management:Graspway provides integrated control of the platform with the Open edX platform, allowing you to customize and organize your courses intuitively and effectively. WordPress facilitates flexible content management, granting total control over presentation. Additionally, the Control Center provides detailed views of progress and performance for strategic and informed decision-making.

100% Scalable: Graspway is designed to seamlessly adapt to organizations of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest and most complex. Our goal is to ensure that your growth is not limited by the costs associated with adding new users.

Analytics and Data: You’ll have access to detailed reports, progress statistics, and engagement metrics. These resources provide a complete view of user participation and progress in their courses. Additionally, you can strategically use this data to identify areas for improvement in the courses.

Certificates:Graspway gives you total control over the creation and management of certificates and diplomas, allowing you to adapt them to your own specifications and requirements. Whether highlighting employee achievements or providing recognition to students, this feature provides the flexibility and power to customize the training experience according to objectives.


You can provide employees with dynamic learning in formats such as video, text, audio, code, slides, tasks, tests, forums, and interactive activities to cater to various learning styles.
You can create and manage all your courses with different levels of specialization and difficulty, adapting your brand identity and creating personalized experiences for employees based on their seniority, role, department, etc.
You can scale your training through a cloud-based platform that adapts to the size of your organization at any given time, allowing you to offer online training to all your teams from anywhere and in multiple languages.
You will receive detailed reports on the individual performance of each person to identify areas for improvement or provide personalized support. You will gain effective control over the progress of your training and optimize the learning process.
You can transform your current training while maintaining a technologically advanced stack, using an updated content management tool that facilitates metric control and user knowledge, and capable of providing your training with multiple functionalities.
You will obtain reports, progress statistics, engagement metrics, etc., which you can use to track the performance of each person, identifying the degree of adherence to the training in their department.



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