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Collecting part of your salary in bitcoins, now a reality at OpenSistemas

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OpenSistemas includes the payment of up to 30% of the salary with this cryptocurrency as part of its remuneration in kind offer

OpenSistemas is one of the pioneers in our country in including the payment of part of the salary of its employees in cryptocurrencies, specifically in bitcoins, as part of its remuneration in kind.

In its aim to offer an attractive and innovative remuneration package, adapted to the new social and work paradigm, OpenSistemas now offers the possibility of receiving up to 30% of the salary in bitcoins to all its employees.

Emotional pay, key to attracting and retaining talent

Undoubtedly, salary is the main variable for employment, but nowadays it is not the only factor; nowadays, talent is attracted and retained thanks to the emotional salary, that is, all those advantages and benefits that complement the salary of workers.

In the case of OpenSistemas, the company complements the fixed salary of its employees with an attractive package of benefits in kind, which it adapts and expands according to the demands of its team, is part of our culture. Thanks to this, OpenSistemas employees now enjoy benefits such as flexible working hours, a hybrid work model that favours teleworking if the position and the project allow it, personalized career plans, continuous training and free certifications (whether they are approved or not), attendance at relevant events in the sector, medical insurance, Spotify Premium, restaurant tickets, transport subsidies, childcare tickets and, from now on, also payment in bitcoins,

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