OpenSistemas and Nymiz announce partnership to strengthen data privacy

The startup Nymiz becomes a partner of OpenSistemas in the world of data for data anonymization and pseudonymization

OpenSistemas and Nymiz partner on privacy through anonymisation of personal data

OpenSistemas and the renowned start-up Nymiz, creators of the most advanced anonymisation and data masking software on the market, have announced their alliance in favour of privacy through the anonymisation of personal data.

In a context where Big Data rules everything and regulatory pressure in Europe forces the preservation of data privacy, both companies will work hand in hand to respond to this challenge.

OpenSistemas, as an organisation that works with data, and on many occasions with personally identifiable information (PII), offers an approach where the analytical activity is aligned with the preservation of privacy, and even more so when it proposes to use the cloud as an infrastructure to develop the ingestion, processing and analysis of information.

For its part, Nymiz, in its mission to preserve the privacy of individuals, makes use of Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing for the pseudonomisation of data, using a wide range of formats (structured and unstructured) and multi-language, thus ensuring that the significance of the data is not lost.

Advanced analytics and data protection with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to Nymiz software, both companies guarantee compliance with the RGPD, as well as solving critical problems such as those arising from data breaches (any security incident in an environment involving personal data) and providing advanced analytical capabilities for data protection.

OpenSistemas, in its mission to propose strategies for remediation in the case of data leaks, considers pseudo-anonymisation as a solution that preserves the statistical value of datasets, while protecting the data in case of being stolen or exposed by human error. And this is where Nymiz’s experience and know-how comes into play, which is why, for us, this alliance is one of the major milestones of 2022.

Javier Rodríguez, CTO at OpenSistemas

At Nymiz, our mission is to protect people’s privacy thanks to Artificial Intelligence. We provide companies with the most advanced technology available to protect their most sensitive data. To do this, we have the best partner, OpenSistemas, a travelling companion with whom we can face the market and technological challenges of the future.

Óscar Villanueva, Founder & CEO of Nymiz

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