Offer description

  • Candidate Profile

    The candidate will be responsible for development and integration for decision management, machine learning and AI capabilities thru real-time predictive modeling/machine learning engines. The candidate will be incorporated into the Operations department within a multidisciplinary team and under an established professional career plan, working within data management, transformation, analysis, storage and visualisation projects
  • Requirements

    • Strong interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Reasoning, or related fields
    • Capable of quickly becoming familiar with new approaches to AI and computational comprehension
    • Experience in building machine learning applications, and broad knowledge of machine learning APIs, tools, and open source libraries
    • Experience in designing full stack AML /AI solutions in a distributed compute environment
    • Experience working with Python or R language scripts
    • Experience with statistical modeling
    • Having a good grasp of Machine Learning concepts from preprocessing to modeling and evaluating results
    • Strong coding skills and fundamentals in data structures, predictive modeling, and big data concepts
    • Experience with Big data solutions using Spark, Scala, Hadoop, No SQL
    • Deep working knowledge of machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras, SparkML
    • Deep understanding of software development, architecture and methodology
    • English required

  • Location

  • Salary

    Based on experience and knowledge of the candidate