Offer description

  • Candidate Profile

    In this role, you will build predictive models and conduct experiments to gain insights. Cross-collaborate with engineers on building statistical models, applying machine learning techniques for targeted solutions and effectively communicating the analysis and findings through interactive graphs, documents and presentations. Assist our customers and our own projects with causal inferences and observations. Find patterns, relationships in data. The candidate will be incorporated into a multidisciplinary team and under an established professional career plan.
  • Requirements

    • At least 1 year of experience in a similar role
    • Experience in statistics, data mining and predictive modeling required
    • Experience using Statistical and Machine Learning algorithms on real data
    • PExcellent and wide ranging experience in supervised and unsupervised learning: Neural Networks, Bayes, Decision trees, Random forest , SVM, Clustering, Kmeans, PCA, Classifiers, deep learning…
    • Familiarity and experience with the standard machine learning packages, such as numpy, scipy scikit-learn, TensorFlow, keras and Theano
    • Experience in the use of the following languages: Python, PySpark, Spark, R

  • Benefits

    • Flexible hours
    • Up to 2 days of remote work per week, depending on the project
    • Team building activities: parties, meetups, talks, conferences, football team, rock band…
    • Training and certification plan
    • Career scheme and yearly salary reviews
    • 23+2 vacation days
    • Other benefits: Meal tickets, daycare vouchers, transportation, private health insurance for you and your family, spotify premium subscription

  • Location

  • Salary

    25.000 – 30.000 depending on experience level