Open Source is already present in many organizations and environments, in some cases critical. In this context of growth of OSS industry, where support and maintenance become competitive advantages, we are aware of how important it is for our customers to rely on a service specialized in open technologies.

Why our support area can help?

Because our team is focused on support needs on specific technologies and internally has the support of other departments of specialized projects. Our teams are integrated into groups and communities with knowledge of open technologies, covering the gap between open source communities and manufacturers that generate potential support capabilities and our end customers.

Because we offer our services based on our own methodology for software maintenance and ICT environments management, but focused on support for open source technologies.

Because being a stable team for the same customer, we can offer continued support over time, knowing from firsthand the infrastructure of our customers and their specific problems.

This value proposition complements our business line of turnkey solutions, not only with existing infrastructures from our customers but also with environments generated through projects developed by our company in other departments.

We adapt to your needs:

  • Pool Services: SLAs, KPIs, monitoring, 24×7
  • Tailored support plans
  • Specific support methodology
  • Specialized department
  • Continuity with other organizational areas
  • Stable customer knowledge