Investing in training is always a competitive advantage, but not always you’re getting all the benefits you should. Statistics shows that 30% of people who start an online training leave it, and the 65% of employees consider that the training they receiving from companies is inadequate. A good system of internal training translates into greater productivity and the objectives achievement.


Graspway is a smart data driven learning solution based on the excellent combination of Open edX and WordPress. Graspway integrates the best of both environments, along with security addons, extended features and advanced management capabilities provided by its kernel module, Graspway G-Core.

With Graspway you can obtain a global view of the training process. It can improves the user experience, but also enables companies to control and measure and analyze their investment in training based on the AI.

Graspway is a product developed by OpenSistemas, a leading company in data and training related solutions, under a continuous support model. Graspway offers an innovative, modular, robust, multisite and highly scalable solution over the cloud.


Strong focus in data and metrics
Graspway implements a learning analytics paradigm by using its G-core kernel. OpenSistemas G-core kernel supports Big Data standards and provides extended data oriented features.


Why Graspway?

  • Provides innovation blocks
  • Business Intelligence applied to learning platforms
  • Machine Learning applied to learning platforms, that allows data predictions
  • Is Open sourced based
  • Graspway integrates the scalability and robustness provided by Open edX, with all the benefits of WordPress (editability, great SEO behavior, and a huge catalog of extensions and themes).
  • Provides an e-Commerce ready option to sell subscriptions or diplomas
  • Is Multi entity, devised for large corporations with several departments, or for training companies in order to provide services for third party.
  • Powered by the kernel Graspway G-Core, which allows a data driven and modular architecture.


Graspway is based on open source technology open edX and WordPress over the cloud


OpenSistemas G-core is the kernel of Graspway, allowing a data driven and modular architecture


Graspway uses BigData and Analytics technolgies applied to Learning