Intelligent Data Lake: data-based strategic decisions

In this ebook, you'll discover how to make data-driven decisions and generate business advantages with an intelligent data lake.

Energy, technology, finance… These are just some of the industries that are already making business decisions with a new, more efficient, and fluid data analysis model, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI): the intelligent data lake.

Why this new data analysis model?

Most companies understand the need to apply AI to the data they already produce or collect.

To make more informed business decisions, eliminate data silos and become more efficient in processing and integrating more and more data sources: from IoT, transactions, customer care, websites, smartphones, stores…

The problem is that many still don’t know how to do it.

In response to these present and future needs, a new data management model is born: Intelligent Data Lake in the cloud.

Intelligent data lake solutions are business levers that enable strategic data-driven decision-making.

What are the advantages of an intelligent data lake?

From learning about end-user behavior in real-time to monitoring early warning signs of customer problems.

From helping to develop new operational intelligence strategies to spotting and capitalizing on market trends before a competitor does.

In fact, all the possible applications of a data lake have not even been discovered yet, both for different sectors and for organizations of all sizes.

Even so, there are already clear advantages of an intelligent data lake in four main areas of the enterprise:

  • Customer experience
  • Ensuring quality
  • Operative efficiency
  • Innovation

How are companies using it?

In this new ebook, we reveal the keys to meet these new challenges of data processing and decision making.

How? By using a data lake and a cloud data warehouse together.

  • You will discover the differences between data warehouse and data lake.
  • We will show you why data lake solutions are business levers that allow you to make strategic decisions with data.
  • And how they can give companies a huge competitive advantage.

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