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Artificial Intelligence trends you can’t miss

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Artificial intelligence trends that you cannot miss

A large number of companies are increasingly betting on Artificial Intelligence. With AI they can improve their processes and manage customer service in a more efficient way, just like there are many investigations underway where AI is the main topic, with the aim of improving aspects of our day to day.

Some examples are well known, such as autonomous vehicles, which are often the favorites when we talk about the trends to come. Even so, the evolution of autonomous cars is slower than we would like, while there are other artificial intelligence applications that are already the order of the day and we may not perceive.

Let’s see some trends on Artificial Intelligence that will mark 2020 and 2021, many of them related to our homes.

Artificial Intelligence in our homes

Smart speakers and their friends

“Hey Google, turn on the light”, “Alexa open Spotify”; They are surely phrases that you have already heard on several occasions, or you may even already have one in your house: we are talking about smart speakers.

Beyond playing music, smart speakers are capable of managing various functions of your home, thanks to the interconnection with your smartphone and other devices that you may have, such as smart bulbs.

Homes will be more and more connected, they will be “smarter” and, in general, more digital. We will have more and more devices available to automate actions and gain comfort and quality of life.

The Big Data of our home

Users are more and more aware of the value of their data and want to know what information they have transferred. Through our activities, we maintain a data exchange relationship, often without realizing it, with companies with which we interact every day.

Companies use this data to improve their products and services, which translates into a benefit for both parties. This is because the company improves its product and the consumer gets a better service. However, it is important to take care of privacy, especially if it is data of our consumption at home.

Companies must understand the sensitivity of this data, and conduct an ethical privacy management in which data automation and Machine Learning processes are applied, where transparency will be vital to have the trust of customers.

5G, essential for Artificial Intelligence?

Speaking of data, it is impossible not to mention 5G. You’ve probably heard at length about this new network, but do you know what exactly it is all about?

In telecommunications, 5G is the acronym used to refer to the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies, it is the successor to the 4G technology that is already widely implemented. Although the difference seems quite obvious, more speed, the truth is that the speed increase brings substantial improvements in many aspects. It is not only about making what we already do faster, but also opening up new options.

A faster and more stable connection will allow more devices to be connected to the network with minimal latency, which will pave the way for new forms of IoT to be applied, and in the case of AI, faster computing and data transmission speeds. .

The connectivity and the amount of data expected for the next few years is immense compared to what we have experienced. 2021 is just around the corner, what innovations will Artificial Intelligence bring us?

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