Data Visualization

Is Data Visualization important for my business?
In an increasingly complex data environment we need new and more powerful tools in order to manage an persist them. Data visualization is not an outlier on this trend, and new approaches, tools and techniques ( along with the old, classic ones ) are rising every year.

We have the opportunity to use them to help companies understand and take advantage on their own datasets and public ones. It’s not the kind of challenge you choose to face or not, there’s no choice on that.

The only choice is how to face it and which partners you get by your side in order to gain experience, empower the whole company and boost the knowledge you are harvesting from data.

In words of William S Cleveland:

“Visualization is critical to data analysis. It provides a front line of attack, revealing intricate structure in data that cannot be absorbed in any other way. We discover unimagined effects, and we challenge imagined ones.”

Have you got large amount of data? Do you want to make them accessible and more understandable to the company managers?

The visualization of data gives preference to a greater use of visual perception, taking advantage of the predominance of visual understanding whenever possible.

In OpenSistemas we work to show data insights within web environments under both a rigorous and attractive approach, covering aesthetic form and functionality need.

We use advanced graphical web programming technologies for that purpose, specialised representation platforms and other classical data science tools.

It’s an area that provides you enough information, the possibility to have insights from Data Analysis to take decisions.

Our main goal is to help our partners to get full control and maximize revenue from their data, including insight discovery, data exploring and aesthetic and effective communication


  • Kibana, Grafana, Apache Superset
  • D3.js framework for customized graphs and viz libraries creation
  • Tableau Data Visualization Software
  • PowerBI Business Analytics Service
  • Pentaho Community Dashboard Editor and Community Custom Chart
  • Saiku Reporting Platform
  • HighCharts, Raphael, HighMaps, Leaflet libraries
  • OpenSistemas Electiona Electoral Graphic Suite
  • Carto, Leaflet, MapBox
  • Ggplot, Shiny Matplotlib, Bokeh, Seaborn, PyQtGraph, VisPy
  • AngularJS, Node, ReactJS


  • Tax fraud environments
  • Electoral Systems- scrutiny and representation
  • Financial markets Analysis and Trading
  • Real time data monitorization
  • Learning Analytics
  • Smartcities and Internet of Things
  • Big Data insights analytics
  • Balanced Scorecards


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