World’s first multilingual dictionary of big data terminology launched

dictionary of big data
Table of contents

It aims to provide a standard terminology to facilitate collaboration and understanding in Big Data

With 20 volumes, Big Data Terminology is the first multilingual dictionary of Big Data terms and jargon, conducted by the Big Data Strategy Key Lab in China.

It is the world’s first professional reference work and aims to “provide a comprehensive systematic survey of standard Big Data terminology, and to provide a standardised terminology system without linguistic and geographical limitations”, according to the official statement issued. It is complemented by the recently launched Global Shared Big Data Multilingual Services Platform.

All the platform’s multilingual resources and services are offered free of charge.

4 key features

  • Encyclopaedic presentation organised in 9 categories: Big Data Fundamentals, Big Data Strategy, Big Data Technology, Big Data Economics, Big Data Finance, Big Data Governance, Big Data Standards, Big Data Security and Big Data Law.
  • All the terms have been reviewed by a team of experts from China’s National Committee on Science and Technology Terminology in accordance with the Principles and Methods for the Review of Terms in Science and Technology.
  • It is a multilingual work that offers innovative cross-referencing between Chinese and 20 other languages, including Arabic, Cambodian, English, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu and others.
  • Intelligent experience by integrating knowledge graphics, audiobooks and links for smart reading.

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