Remote-first is here to stay after COVID-19

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A distributed and flexible model after COVID-19 has been successfully scaled

– OpenSistemas offices’ acquire a social dimension and support to people

– Diversity and plurality are the hallmarks of a global company’s talent

OpenSistemas consolidates the distributed and flexible company model driven by the new paradigm that the COVID-19 has brought about in terms of the way of working and providing services. The company had already implemented the online model practically in its entirety in the last year, so the new normality has only strengthened it and made its successful completion a priority for the rest of 2020.

OpenSistemas has long enjoyed the advantages inherent in a distributed and open company in terms of teleworking, time flexibility, offshoring, result-oriented work, 100% online management, development and use of collaboration tools, internal communications management and team building. All that remains now is the challenge of incorporating them into a more international scope and the complete adaptation of physical offices to people’s needs, now taking on a new, more social role.

In this journey towards the complete maturity of all the dimensions to which the distributed business model applies, OpenSistemas relies on IT and the technological processes that make this change solid, transferring its experience to the clients’ environment to also accompany them in their transition towards this new more open, global and sustainable paradigm.

Leitmotiv Remote-first and employees at the centre

Among the values and principles of OpenSistemas, which make it an open company and which have been reinforced with the current situation, Remote-first extends to all facets of the company’s digital culture, so that the whole team is built around the workflow that remote work entails, creating similar experiences for both people who are remote and those who are in the office. In this way, everyone works in harmony, no matter where they are.

The open culture is made possible by the innovative and creative people who make up the company. Wherever they are located, they have a common goal – to change the world and build customer trust by creating products and services that move society forward.

This strategic approach, which powers OpenSistemas, adds to the advantages that the company’s employees already had. In this way, the company understands and adapts to the circumstances of its employees by offering the option of distributed online work, becoming an open, respectful and conciliatory company with its workers. Likewise, online and face-to-face modalities have coexisted for years with the aim of facilitating the development of the activity to all people.

Currently, OpenSistemas continues to implement improvements based on the new experiences and knowledge that is being generated in the company. “We have a long way to go during all the 2020, but it is already unstoppable. We are becoming a 100% distributed and flexible company with the employee always in the center”, qualifies Luis Flores, xOpenSistemas’ CEO.

“Remote work is changing the way people are creating value both for companies and for themselves, and that the success metric for productivity is production and not working a day in an office”, adds OpenSistemas’ CEO.

“We live in a connected and digital world and in our industry in particular, it makes perfect sense to work in such a way that we leverage technology to create a truly global office, for the sake of efficiency and convenience of the equipment. We already have collaborative tools related to productivity and connectivity that only require a certain level of maturity for global coverage,” adds Fernando Monera, head of Technology and founding partner of OpenSistemas.

The challenge of internationalization

The access to the diverse, multicultural and global talent to which OpenSistemas opens up, also brings with it the challenge of managing communication between teams and people, in addition to the legal and casuistic particularities that arise when hiring internationally. For this reason, the company is working on the maturity of the management of these processes from the areas of Talent and Strategy, creating a manageable framework that contemplates all needs and, at the same time, assures the interpersonal relations between the employees.

As part of this international dimension, OpenSistemas is progressively adopting the English language as a vehicular tool between the teams and with the clients from any part of the world.

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