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Open source research goes up a notch with Linux Foundation Research

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Linux Foundation Research will expand understanding of open source projects with never-before-seen insights

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organisation that fosters mass innovation through open source, has recently created Linux Foundation Research, a new division that will help to understand the importance of collaboration in open source projects, ecosystem dynamics, and impact, with never-before-seen insights focusing on collaboration as a way to solve many of the world’s most urgent problems.

Linux Foundation Research aims to investigate the impact of open source collaboration addressing major international challenges. By leveraging project and network databases, and a commitment to best practices in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, Linux Foundation Research is designed to be the largest repository providing access to open source knowledge for the benefit of organisations and governments around the world.

Some of the projects to be undertaken by Linux Foundation Research include, for example, research on security in software supply chains, which will seek to uncover the important role of open source collaboration towards integrating safer software supply chains.

The Linux Foundation Research vision

The Linux Foundation Research aims to provide objective and useful insights that will lead to better decisions in the field of open source collaboration. This will be possible through a series of research projects and related content that Linux Foundation Research will use, taking advantage of their vast repository of data, tools and communities.

The Foundation continues its mission to collectively build the world’s leading open infrastructure. As such, this research programme will be a cornerstone of this vision, leveraging the Linux Foundation’s accumulated expertise, bringing together its communities and informing how open source evolves and improves over the coming decades. With a dedicated research organization, the Linux Foundation will be better equipped to extract insights, trends and context that will stimulate discussions to make better decisions around open collaboration and open culture.

Linux Foundation Research

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