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Artificial intelligence in businesses in different sectors

Artificial intelligence in business
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Artificial intelligence applied to businesses

The truth is that keeping up to date and knowing the potential of artificial intelligence advances for your business can be overwhelming for many companies. However, the essential concept that you cannot lose sight of is reduced to two words:

  • Machine Learning or “machine learning”.
  • Deep Learning.

Experts argue that artificial intelligence (AI), with its various learning applications, will be crucial in the business ecosystem.

In this article we tell you what it is, how it will affect and the advantages/benefits it offers in terms of reactivating or boosting the profitability of companies.

Artificial intelligence in business, your great ally to solve corporate problems

The truth is that artificial intelligence has evolved over the years. Today, it has more to do with the idea of building machines that can think the way we humans do. This means that many companies in the service and industrial sectors can apply this technology to transform their data into crucial information for their business.

Machine Learning refers to an application of artificial intelligence that has the characteristic of learning by itself. It can be said that it is a machine that learns.

The algorithms used in Machine Learning help to automate and prioritize decision making in addition to detecting opportunities and optimizing results. Thanks to the fact that Machine Learning processes data in real time, errors will be avoided, since the processes are adjusted in a fast and agile way.

On the other hand, Deep Learning is designed to analyze the data in a logical way (just as the human brain would do). Large technology companies invest billions of dollars every year to promote the implementation of this technology in their corporations.

In short, we could say that:

  • Machine Learning is responsible for making decisions based on what has already been learned.
  • Deep Learning, on the other hand, will be in charge of developing an artificial neural network that will make decisions on its own.

Without a doubt, advances in AI have had their application, managing to optimize the results they obtain in sectors such as: biomedicine, personalized medical attention, object recognition, optimization of marketing and sales processes, information recommendation and recovery systems, automatic translation, robot reinforcement learning, detection of consumption patterns, sentiment or opinion analysis, among many other sectors.

Artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives, an easy example is every time you do a search in Google, or when you receive a product recommendation on Amazon, or use any of the current social networks. All of them work thanks to artificial intelligence.

But that’s not all:

Artificial intelligence in the health sector

In the health sector, AI will play a decisive role. In the field of medicine today, it is applied to optimize biotechnological efficiency and also in the development of drugs (or in establishing their doses). Artificial intelligence has burst into the health-focused industry to help both doctors and patients.

Thanks to algorithms, misdiagnoses have their days counted.

Artificial intelligence in education

Artificial intelligence is opening new frontiers in learning, revolutionizing the education sector. Administrative tasks have been automated, optimizing time and improving student performance and learning.

One of the newest and most popular methods is the use of adaptive learning applications. In this way, individualized learning can be offered, breaking down geographical barriers.

Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

The truth is that industrial processes are already quite automated nowadays. However, artificial intelligence takes on a new dimension when it comes to offering improvements.

Intelligent robots are already running around logistics warehouses without the need for human supervision.

AI in the financial sector

Without a doubt, the financial sector is one of the sectors that will benefit most from artificial intelligence, being able to take advantage of its maximum potential.

Thanks to AI, experiences can be personalized for each user, adding value and also reducing costs and time. The higher the level of automation, the greater the security we will achieve.

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