by Luis Flores, OpenSistemas CEO

More or less a year ago, the COVID pandemic entered our lives, generating one of the greatest impacts of the recent years. An impact that has accelerated changes and transformed the society in which we live today. 

At this point, I would like to look back and share with you a short retrospective of what we’ve done and what we’ll continue doing. In this way, we can understand in which direction we are now heading to.

Before the Covid pandemic

We prepared an ambitious 5-year plan, which we shared with every team and that highlighted several ideas, such as investment in new products and innovation, a globalizing growth strategy and the commitment to expand our own corporate IT and process model.

We understand product and innovation as the ability to differentiate, whether on a specific solution, product, specialization or verticalization. This approach is supported by the implementation of a new brand to OpenSistemas: neuroons – recently established, allows us to develop this specialized message, giving OpenSistemas a more general approach, relying on the two possible sources of growth, to be both general and specialize within a certain framework.

On this premise, the company aims to grow further in the next five years, both in our country and abroad. This growth is focused in two directions: the first, more sales-oriented: moving into English-speaking countries, towards Ireland, UK/Nordics and USA. The second: both from a customer and production point of view, we aim to move towards Latin America, where Mexico and Chile are the markets of greatest interest.

This growth process must be supported by a series of processes, mechanisms and systems that provide us with greater maturity to face the complexities of being a diversified company in terms of countries, languages, schedules and brands.

During the covid pandemic

This was the initial approach but the pandemic accelerated this plan. This is why when we look back over the past year, it seems that we haven’t progressed a lot. It may seem that we haven’t managed to grow our sales to the level we have initially planned. But we have done so many things and, most importantly, we’ve done them together: 

Thus, we haven’t lost a year, we have used it to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. We are now stronger than ever and better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will come in the future.

And now, what can we expect?

The first thing that we need to understand is that this is a journey. We’ve achieved a lot, but there is still a lot to do. In the following months, we will continue developing many of the previous points. In some cases, and although we have speeded up, it might take several years:

In general, we will continue to grow like we have been doing in recent years, trying to take advantage of the new opportunities created in this new post-covid economy context and relying on the changes, some already taken care of and others still on-progress, which we have been promoting since the beginning of last year and that have been intensified with the pandemic.

To conclude, I hope to have achieved my goal with this message: sharing with you all the impressions, reflections and ideas that are going through my mind these days in which we are finally beginning to see the start of this -now we can say it- new normality. 

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