U-tad and OpenSistemas join forces to face the new challenges within Data industry

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U-tad (University Center of Technology and Digital Art) together with OpenSistemas, will hold a webinar entitled ‘Big Data Skills 4 New Digital Challenges‘ next Wednesday June 24th at 6pm

In this sessiThis session will be led by 3 OpenSistemas professionals: Javier Rodríguez, OpenSistemas’ CTO; Leonardo Barrientos, Big Data & Data Lake Specilist and Data Science; and Moisés Marín, Team Leader in Big Data and Business Intelligence projects will participate.

Three sessions of 20 minutes each will take place during an hour and a half around the Big Data that will conclude with a debate. The topics of the lectures that will be given by each expert have been chosen among the practical cases given by OpenSistemas during the Data postgraduate courses that are better valued by the students.

The presentations, in detail

  • Javier Rodriguez, CTO at OpenSistemas, with more than two decades of experience in enterprise architectures and IoT solutions using cloud services. He is also a U-tad alumnus of the ‘Postgraduate in Data Science’. In his lecture titled ‘Internet of Trains, IoT projects in the railway world’ he makes a complete tour of different IoT projects in the railway world and the challenges it poses: scalable processing, edge computing, coexistence between batch and streaming architectures, predictive failure models and ad-hoc visualizations, etc.
  • Leonardo Barrientos, specialist in Big Data, Data Lake, Data Science, Government and data ontologies. He also technically leads a Data & Analytics team in a major banking sector corporation and in his paper entitled ‘Building a Data Culture: Lessons Learned from Data Lake Architectures’ addresses the challenges of technical implementations of data services: lessons learned, successes and failures of architectural decisions, and the importance of aligning a technology implementation with an organization’s operational reality.
  • Moisés Marín, Team Leader in Big Data & Business Intelligence projects, is currently working on data warehousing projects with Azure in the IoT sector. His paper ‘Modern Data Warehouse in big data era’ deals with how to implement modern data warehousing solutions in the cloud, going through all the layers: data ingest, ELT process, visualization. He will also show the different layers of the DataLake and how to help data quality and governance.

After the presentations, the webinar attendees will be able to ask questions to the speakers, as well as there will be a small debate moderated by José Jesús García Rueda, responsible for the Data Discipline in U-tad.

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