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The OpenSistemas Talent team continues to grow

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A great Talent team taking care of people

We are very aware that our people are the main value of OpenSistemas. Thanks to our human potential we achieve excellence in clients and projects, even in the development of the most day-to-day tasks as a company.
Looking after our teams and encouraging the arrival of new talent are the premises on which we base our objectives for the coming years. And, in order to achieve them, we have continued our commitment to grow as a department:

  • Cristina Yegros, at the head of the department, leads the strategy and management part, in team with Javier Sotomayor as assistant and providing support in the continuous improvement of processes and in the more technological aspect.
  • Lara Peralta consolidates her dual role as head of talentOS, a group company focused purely on recruitment for different projects and clients, and as Talent Acquisition Manager, leading the team comprising: Mª Ángeles Garrido, Irene Castro, Óscar Learte, Catalina Acevedo, Amparo Yesa, Angelo Trento and Carolina Zárate. In Acquisition Support we have: María Serrano, Marta Villasante, Juliana Restrepo, Camila Cuevas and Eva Montero.
  • In the Development area, the team will continue to add experience with Patricia Roca, focused on the promotion of career plans, scholarship management and compensation and benefits initiatives. Sara Rojas joins the team, giving a strong boost to our growth together with new Talent partners.

We encourage all of you at OpenSistemas to continue shaping our essence, what makes us special compared to other companies. The predisposition, professionalism and commitment to the fulfilment of our objectives are values of which we can clearly feel proud.

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