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The Marketing & Communications team, the voice of OpenSistemas, is also reinforced

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The Marketing and Communication team (MARCOM) of OpenSistemas faces unprecedented challenges marked by globality, the connection between people and their sense of belonging, cultural diversity, brand awareness, the experience with our customers and the contribution to a more sustainable society.

The people who make up MARCOM shape everything we project as a company outwards, but also inwards, through a multitude of communication channels and in very diverse and innovative formats, always with the unique personality of OpenSistemas.

Communicating, projecting our brand, strengthening the OpenSistemas community (human talent, technology partners and business partners) and discovering new customers for the Sales team, from a very human dimension, are the pillars that drive this department.

For all this, we have great professionals in this team:

  • Soraya Muñoz, leads the MARCOM department in her role as CMO, and is responsible for the definition, implementation and monitoring of the Marketing and Communication strategy of OpenSistemas and its brands.
  • Alba Díaz, in her role as Digital Marketing Manager, is the main responsible for the development and execution of the Marketing and Communication strategy of the organisation, supporting in the definition of objectives and defining campaigns and resources for lead generation. As a novelty, she reinforces her role leading the People & Culture project, a collaborative strategy with the Talent department focused on the management of human talent in the organisation and reinforcement of the sense of belonging.
  • Silvia Mariscal takes on the role of Technical Marketing Specialist, managing the department’s strategic projects such as CSR (corporate social responsibility) or innovation and product, as well as the execution of campaigns and plans for the different brands.
  • Claudia Mañas assumes the role of Digital Growth Manager, focusing on the design, execution and control of data-driven marketing strategies to identify growth opportunities faster. She also leads the Employee Advocacy strategy in Social Media.
  • Gabriel Ivlev, in his role as Digital Marketing Assistant, works mainly in the execution and development of the Social Media Marketing plan, interacting with audiences and ensuring the health of the OpenSistemas community and its different brands.
  • The team has grown with the recent incorporation of Karen Ríos, as People Marketing Analyst, who comes to reinforce one of the most critical projects of the department, People & Culture. In it, Karen works on initiatives to improve the experience of human talent from the point of view of internal communication, and on the promotion of activities that emphasise the sense of belonging and the values of OpenSistemas’ culture.

With this team, OpenSistemas is ready to take on the challenges ahead as a transnational and multicultural company in terms of identity and brand projection.

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