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Operations, the engine of OpenSistemas, ready for the challenges of 2022

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The large Operations team is the driving force of our company, with 80% of the staff belonging to this department.

The Operations management and coordination team is also adapting its structure to the growth and expansion of OpenSistemas. Thus, in 2022, new offices were opened and others were consolidated to provide an agile and appropriate response to the needs of the business and people.

  • A new office, TLO – Technical Leads Office, is created and led by Javier Viñuales. He coordinates the technical leadership with a more consultative perspective with the clear objective of helping to achieve the objectives of growth, talent retention and service quality. Some of the challenges ahead are to generate more networking, identify talent for pre-sales, ideation and communication, and homogenise the work of technical leaders.
  • A new cloud technical leadership function has been created, which also falls to Javier Viñuales and which integrates the most valuable technical processes of the Partner Manager role.
  • Cristina Pérez assumes the technical leadership of web solutions, where she will contribute her extensive experience and solid knowledge.
  • The Project Managers – Elena Montes, Raúl Hijosa and Alba Díaz – extend their participation in the different types of projects, i.e. the framework of action of the PM role in the OpenSistemas service proposal is extended. Thus, Nacho Barbosa, from the already existing PMO (Project Management Office), assumes the complete coordination of these roles and the monitoring of the execution of all types of projects.
  • In the Coordination team, Mamen Anselmo assumes the role of Staff Management Coordinator, centralising all coordination of activities related to resources, capacity, adequacy, growth and retention. Ana Monroy reinforces her position with the role of Activity Management Coordinator, focusing on the objective of customer orientation in Extended Teams (previously called Managed Services and which generates the highest volume of recruitment) and profitability control in a transversal way. Under the expansion strategy, the Coordination Assistant team, of which Inma Pozo is a member, will grow in capacity in LATAM.  The continuous improvement processes and regulatory compliance will be led by Daniel Peláez from the Operations Department.

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