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OpenSistemas Sales teams, the key to continued growth

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OpenSistemas continues its process of growth and expansion into new markets, globalisation, in short, it has reinforced its Sales teams, both the SSM (Spanish Speaking Markets) and the ESM (English Speaking Markets) teams.

SSM team

  • Management and Quality: this dimension, key to the good results of the department and, therefore, of the company, falls to Alvaro García, SSM Sales Manager, and Paula Oliveros, in charge of Control and Quality.
  • Business Line Extended Teams: this business line is led by Gema García, who takes on the new role of Business Line Manager, with Nacho del Río, Account Manager, and Alberto Esteban, Assistant Account Manager.
  • Business Line Solutions: sales business line led by María Pizarro, who assumes the dual role of Business Line Manager and Microsoft Sales Partner Manager. For the Solutions line, she has a team made up of Kate Adams, Account Manager, Mylene Iglesias, Assistant Account Manager and Álvaro García, SSM Sales Manager.
  • The cherry on top of this great team of professionals is Diana Guerrero, from OpenSistemas Colombia, who joins SSM with the dual role of Graspway Sales Manager at a global level, and Business Development Manager specialising in the e-learning and education business line. Diana also takes on the challenge of representing the sales team in LATAM.

The organisational changes that the Sales team in the Spanish-speaking markets has undergone are as follows:

ESM Team

In 2022, our sales team in English-speaking markets is also strengthened:

  • Karl Llewellyn, Country Lead and ESM Sales Manager. He leads all sales operations in these markets, in addition to the relationships with our key partners in Ireland and the UK.
  • Kate Adams contributes to the ESM team as Sales Support Representative, taking responsibility for maintaining alignment and communication between both ESM and SSM sales teams.
  • Paula Castillo takes on the role of Business Development Support, with the objective of managing opportunities and business development in English-speaking countries.

OpenSistemas consolidates its sales force to achieve growth and position in international markets in line with the company’s strategy.

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