Neuroons, our new innovation brand, leads the internationalization of OpenSistemas

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Value proposal is based on Data Intelligence.
neuroons is an strategic ally to accelerate innovation in customers.

OpenSistemas is launching its brand neuroons to lead the innovation and globalization of the company with the focus on Data Intelligence. Under this new brand, the most disruptive projects and services based on Artificial Intelligence, Data, Internet of Things and New User Interaction, the most advanced technologies in UX/UI, are incubated and conceived.

neuroons is breaking into the industry to support clients with the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Data, IoT and New User Interaction, the knowledge areas included in the Data Intelligence business line, and to lead the current internationalisation process. The exploration, innovation and creation of disruptive solutions and products becomes a priority for neuroon’s team.

“Dublin is ideally placed and eligible to establish our headquarters . From here, our international team is already working on bringing neuroon’ proposal to English-speaking countries”.

Javier Sotomayor, CEO of neuroons.

In this sense, the company’s open culture has facilitated the start-up of operations at an international level. The innovative and creative people involved in neuroon’ team, regardless of where they are located, have a common goal: changing the world and generating confidence in customers through the creation of products and services that move society forward.

IA, Data, IoT and New User Interaction, the technological pillars of neuroons

neuroons’ business proposal is based on the use of artificial intelligence and continuous learning as the pillars for offering innovative services and products, while maintaining the open source inspiration coming from the company’s origins. 

“neuroons has a strong connection with the social sphere, and one of its main objectives is humanising technology. In neuroons, we bring neurons to the future, we bring intelligence to the data that are transforming society. An intelligent society with high-level technology available will make people’s lives easier and happier”.

Soraya Muñoz, CCO of neuroons.

Artificial Intelligence, the spearhead of innovation

In the area of Artificial Intelligence, neuroons designs and builds new intelligent products from the capabilities already offered by the AI services of public cloud providers.

Likewise, the neuroons team is a pioneer in the study of the applicability of xAI (Explained Artificial Intelligence) pre- and post-hoc techniques to classify and score problems where the final user must have the ability to understand factors, interrelations and results.

“neuroons understands the importance of developing fair and transparent models, taking care of datasets used to anticipate undesirable biases and provide, as far as possible, interpretation capabilities of the behaviour in production”.

Javier Rodríguez, CTO of neuroons.

Quantum Computing technologies are also part of neuroons’ proposal in AI, relying on collaboration with schools, research institutes and providers of computing capacity to offer training or evangelization around this particular technology, and the creation of exploration labs.

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