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How does Google understand Explainable Artificial Intelligence?

Explainable Artificial Intelligence
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Video: How does Google understand Explainable Artificial Intelligence?

From the hand of David Doctor, Commercial Director of Banking and Capital Markets at Google, we approach the current reality of Artificial Intelligence in the banking sector and its necessary evolution towards Explicability.

So far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the use of artificial intelligence in banking. Its use has enormous potential for individuals and businesses. But its future necessarily lies in developing the ability to explain the models and thus their results to society and regular bodies.

“Regulatory bodies are asking companies to focus on being able to give a better explanation of their results. And this is where explainable artificial intelligence plays a key role”.

In addition, David Doctor shows us a practical example with a binary classification model for the granting of mortgages with a public dataset and the opensource Whatif tool.

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