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Google to open a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in cybersecurity in Spain

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Google will continue to nurture the technology fabric it created in Malaga

Tech giant Google has announced its intention to invest more than 540 million euros over five years in Spain, including the installation of a “Centre of Excellence” in cybersecurity in a 2,500 m2 former military government building in Malaga, Spain, although a start date has not yet been confirmed.

A benchmark in Europe

The engineer Bernardo Quintero is one of the actors that led the company to set up in the city. His company, VirusTotal, is currently owned by Google. Bernardo Quintero’s program is a free online service that scans suspicious files and submits them to the analysis of more than forty antivirus.

VirusTotal has the world’s largest cybersecurity database, analysing millions of files and URLs every day, many of which are flagged as suspicious. The installation of this centre reinforces Malaga as a great technological pole especially linked to cybersecurity.

Bernardo Quintero highlights Malaga’s vibrant start-up ecosystem in an interview in the local newspaper. In this interview, he states that the cybersecurity centre that will open in the city in 2023 will be a benchmark for Europe.

The Spanish Silicon Valley of cybersecurity

The €540 million investment includes, in addition to the installation of the centre itself, training programmes, talks, workshops and mentoring on cybersecurity, as well as research and product development.

Google will provide a professional digital skills training programme for companies to successfully embrace the opportunities of this changing world. The company has long supported SMEs and individuals to become more prepared for a changing environment and this centre will join other Google initiatives such as the Cloud Region and the submarine cable, for which it is collaborating with local partners, enabling companies and the public sector to become more scalable and efficient in their business.

Centre of Excellence'

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