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Functional applications of an Intelligent Data Lake

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Areas where a Data Lake improves business operations 

Businesses have become dependent on data, and their dependence continues to grow every day as it is used at all levels to make crucial decisions. If an organisation wants to empower itself based on its business data, it needs an Intelligent Data Lake. Let’s look at the functional applications of an intelligent data lake that is a crucial solution for every enterprise today.

Customer Experience Optimisation

  • Learn about user behaviour in real time
  • Tailoring products, services and offers to consumers’ needs 
  • Analysing customer feedback through social media and online activities

Operational Efficiency

  • Monitor business and analyse events
  • Identify where to reduce costs
  • Detect where to increase business margins
  • Optimise processes
  • Respond quicker to market forces

Quality Assurance

  • Monitoring of early warning signals in service delivery and product deficiencies
  • Integration with other data sources in addition to the call centre customer satisfaction log


  • Ability to use new sources of data and analytics (predictive, prescriptive, machine learning)
  • Detect and capitalise on trends faster than competitors

Data Lake solutions are business levers that enable strategic business decisions to be made with data. It is a proven asset and can give companies a huge competitive advantage.

Data has changed business at every level. Today, being agile and competitive depends on having a clear and effective data strategy as it can be a great competitive advantage to outperform competitors.

 applications of an Intelligent Data Lake

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