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Artificial intelligence for social distancing

Distanciamiento social
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Video surveillance to control the capacity in public places, beaches divided by age groups, temperature taking at the entrance of certain enclosures, mandatory mask if we can not respect the safety distance, personal space in public spaces … are just some of the measures that we must get used to for a good season in this so-called New Normal. Our life has undoubtedly changed and it will take us some time to get used to the new social rules that will govern our society until there is a global vaccine for COVID-19.

Behind many of these changes lie technological innovations that have been put at the service of society.

In the hospital environment, for example, with the aim of promoting telemedicine to avoid the collapse of medical centres, mobile applications are being used, both specific for the Coronavirus and generic, and chatbots to attend to patients with ailments that allow this.

Artificial intelligence in the fight against coronavirus

AI is playing a vital role in the challenge against the virus in all its facets, from the prevention and control of the pandemic, to the creation of systems for the early detection of COVID-19 in patients.

There are many projects underway around the world that rely on this technology with the common goals of containing the coronavirus and its impact.

One of the measures to combat the spread of the virus is to maintain a safe distance between people. Social distancing is key in public spaces and measuring and controlling it is one of the priorities of the authorities. For this purpose, neuroons, the innovation laboratory of the OpenSistemas group, has developed neuroons Social Distance, an artificial intelligence solution to solve this problem based on a neural network architecture that predicts locations in 3D and the corresponding confidence intervals from human poses in 2D.

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