Big Data and Real Time Data Processing

The environment can grow
by including new sources and capabilities in the analysis layer, generating valuable information through the implementation of models and algorithms.

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  • Smart cities
  • Internet of things
  • Massive Data proccessing
  • Frud and Risk

Interactive Video Walls and Data Visualization

The result is a powerful graphical interface of presentation of data focused to work in multiple platforms and to be used in diferent way according to the role and pro le of the user.

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  • Electoral Systems
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Data and Control Centres
  • Financial and Sports Data

Visual Data Mining Business Platforms

A big data architecture with horizontal scaling capabilities aimed at managing both real- time and batch information, based on Spark as a core element of the project.

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  • Financial Markets
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Electoral Systems

Advanced CMS and Web Integration

The result of the project is a new portal avaliable in a local environment or in the cloud, implemented under a comprehensive approach of the current DevOps vision.

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  • Corporate web portals
  • High avaliability web
  • Portals and Intranet

Legacy to Cloud Migration Projects

The result of the project is a new infrastructure for the customer that takes advantage of the features of the cloud, such as exibility and scalability of systems.

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  • Azure Cloud Migration
  • Real time data monitorization
  • Hybrid cloud environments
  • Legacy Systems

Productive Analytics Investigation Projects

Complex project management, inability to predict results and translation of technical data in terms of business.

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  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Models and Scenarios
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics

Learning Analytics Frameworks

The result of the project is a comprehensive solution of Business Analytics in an educational or publishing environment.

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  • Migrating to Cloud Linux
  • Digital Learning Content
  • Corporate training
  • Public Institutions