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RobinTradingHub is a trading product hub that provide you with products and services to operate in markets. The core of Robin is RobinVOL Forex Expert Advisor for Metatrader, one of the bests forex EAs in the world. RobinVol is nowadays available both as a product or as a signal service within MyFxBook, depending on your needs. The suite includes other software like Robin Watchdog, an active monitorization solution for Metatrader.

Robin is a growing up family with new products and services coming soon, visit our roadmap page in order to discover new functionalities.

Robin is constructed over OpenSistemas Service and Development Management Environment, a framework for organizing the trading data, information management and trading technology components that are used to build our Trading products and services.  It involves osBrain, the OpenSistemas multiagent software for trading environment, used to create new trading products. Besides it includes a set of architectural components that are used to transform raw transaction data into a consistent and coherent set of information that is suitable for creating value. For example, this part of our architecture typically includes data integration, data cleaning and the creation of data marts and data warehousing to create new models and services based on historical data and backtest info.