Data Scientist specialising in NLP

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Innovation is the soul of OpenSistemas. It’s the main key to our technology projects, in which we meet the requirements and needs of our customers from a disruptive perspective by applying cutting edge technologies.  

At OpenSistemas we believe in professional and personal growth. This is why we value continuous learning and improvement, with training and certifications that will help you grow and enhance your career to take it to another level 🚀.

OpenSistemas is an international company with an open culture and where teamwork between colleagues is really important. We consider people and society to be of great importance, which is why we work to support projects that generate a positive change for the world.

We are also committed to supporting and promoting shared and open knowledge through technology communities, which is why we often support key events in the sector and sponsor some technology Meetups, such as the Machine Learning Spain community in Madrid and the DataBeers Meetup in Seville.

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At OpenSistemas we are looking for a Data Scientist with a focus on natural language processing (NLP).

You will work with data sources (typically textual, numeric and time-related data), datasets to develop, validate and implement machine learning models, tune their performance and integrate them into data processing pipelines.


  • High level of spoken and written English is a must.
  • More than 2 years of experience as Data Scientist with focus on natural language processing.
  • Regular use of Python as a basic language in the field of data science, in exploratory pre-processing, cleaning, normalisation and generation of datasets.
  • Regular use of frameworks such as Tensorflow, Pytorch or Keras for the development of Machine Learning based models.


  • Experience in the generation of predictive analytical models using machine learning techniques.
  • Experience in the application of artificial intelligence techniques on images.
  • Experience in the operation cycle of models in production environments (MLOps).


  • Salary between 35.000€ – 40.000€ gross per year
  • Permanent contract
  • Cloud training programmes
  • Career plan
  • 100% remote work, although the location of the position is legally in Spain

What we do

OpenSistemas builds solutions and provides services related to data and cloud environments through a constant process of innovation and experimentation, starting from initially disruptive technologies to ending up in a state of automation with a true impact on business.


Born from the Open Source revolution and with almost 20 years of experience, we remain young, disruptive and inspired by values such as rock, sport or STEM for boys and girls.