I+D and venture

Innovation, for OpenSistemas, is focusing on investigating new trends and Open Source technologies and new analysis techniques, representation and use of data, aiming to create products and solutions that improve the way to understand , manage and use the information.

In our lab we conceived the ability to generate new disruptive products, where teams with greater technical knowledge experiment and incubate with state-of-the-art ideas. In this incubation process, the ability to analyse the use that users make of the products designed to evolve and better exploit them, is germinated. Under the germ of data, we can improve engagement, have the knowledge to enhance some functionalities against others, etc.

Our value proposition is focused on providing such kind of solutions for environments under high performance requirements, such as advanced development or integration needs, very short access times, high volume of visits or high levels of expertise in a particular product or service.

As innovative SME we create value on the market and into society, contributing to a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth, in a fast-changing environment.

Innovation in OS is not only conceived at our technological level, but also when promoting and identifying incipient and innovative businesses, through the venture capital model, investing in seed phase startups with products or services under development.

In OpenSistemas we adopt the right innovation strategy, to better manage our innovation processes and to improve the efficiency of the innovation

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Looking for a new adventure? We need brilliant and brave people willing to accept the challenge. Working here is professionally challenging but personally rewarding. If your are you ready, we’d love to hear from you.


Born from the Open Source revolution and with almost 20 years of experience, we remain young, disruptive and inspired by values such as rock, sport or STEM for boys and girls.

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