Our path

OpenSistemas was born from the revolution of the Open Source technologies in the 2000s. And that new paradigm of progress based on opening technology and sharing it through a collaborative model, built around Linux as a cornerstone and as a generational icon, marked our steps. The open source revolution changed society by democratizing access to technology.This culture, young, disruptive and irreverent but also noble, self-critical and inspiring, is part of the company’s DNA.

Years later OpenSistemas identifies the data revolution, under the same inspiration as the disruptive movement of Open Source and related again to the progress of society, but now through the intelligent use of information (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data ) and its sharing or free and common access to data (Open Data ).

Historia empresarial

Data revolution is not an episode alien to our history, but is based on the same foundations as the Open Source revolution: community, sharing, openness, and is the expression of the same spirit on a much more technologically advanced substrate, applied to information, not technology, under the process of progressive abstraction that we are witnessing in the current technological environment.

Noways, OpenSistemas is adopting the bases of the data-driven culture, where technology goes from building efficiency to facilitating business opportunities, and the innovation and creativity that comes out of this process is channeled through the neuroons brand.


What makes us different?

Good and great ideas come from being open-minded, positive and curious as well as exploring new concepts without preconceived limitations. Innovation is the lifeblood of OpenSistemas and is dependent on the generation of new ideas, which come through the dedication and the creativity of people inside our business.

Our strength is having the ability and capacity to meet our customers’ needs by mobilizing our resources: passion, innovation and conviction. We believe that by working together with others everyone can think wider, can share further and can achieve amazing things.

Besides OpenSistemas is a company based on human values.

Women in OS

In OpenSistemas we fight daily against stereotypes, making the visibility of the professionals one of the challenges always present in our company.  The bias is being developed from early ages and at the University, so we work to make visible reference models, inspiring women who break with stereotypes.

Women in OpenSistemas is a tribute to all the colleagues who day by day dedicate their talent to contribute to the success of our company.

Tech Community

Our commitment with the tech community is materialized in promoting open knowledge, collaborating i the growth and sustainability of the technical communities more related to our value proposal, through events and supporting open source projects.

Penguin Island

Reaching out to boys and girls to showcase the exciting potential of technology as a career choice is the fundamental purpose of Penguin Island, a non-profit initiative powered by OpenSistemas.

Penguin Island is all about inspiring children and young people to discover by themselves the opportunities given by technology, pursue STEM studies and to leverage the power of digital technologies to follow their dreams.


Rock music means power, energy, and creativity. It refuses to conform and it is source of inspiration of us. So much so, that OpenSistemas has its own rock music band, formed by some colleagues amateur musicians.

Sport and healthy life

Promotion of good practices and sport have become the two pillars of our corporate social responsibility and we dedicate part of our resources to this. We are proud sponsors of the triathlon team TriSport and the Fontenebro Judo Club.

Within the company, we have an established football team and we can enjoy healthy breakfast twice a week.

Join us

We are a value-based company that believes in sharing, collaboration and respect. We are passionate about open source, forefront technology, communities and technical knowledge. Working with us means working in a caring and open environment.

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