Origins. Present

March 2002. A group of young professionals coming from different sectors of technology and innovation took as references the popularization of Internet and the birth of the Linux operating system as a starting point to launch a new business project called OpenSistemas.

January 2015. We have grown thanks to the confidence of our customers in our ability to improve. Now we are a company with an international scope specialized in providing support, services and solutions based on open source technologies.

Our raison-d'être

Values such as the commitment with the development of information and knowledge society, team work and the promotion of innovation are the base of open source technologies.

The commitment with open environments is part of the culture, mission and vision of the company, so OpenSistemas, since its birth, has developed different initiatives related with the community.

We work to deliver to the business world the best solutions based in open source innovation and over the years we have positioned ourselves as one of the leaders of this industry in Spain.

Passion for open source technologies and a cooperative spirit is more present than ever in the message of the business team of the company. We strive day after day so the professionals of OpenSistemas embrace this passion, understand it and integrate it as a value to their daily experience.

The new innovation opportunities that open source and Linux created in the Internet encouraged us to build a new business project in 2002

Fernando Monera, CINO - OpenSistemas

Open innovation and commitment to the knowledge society are our trademarks

Luis Flores, CEO - OpenSistemas

In OpenSistemas we are aware of the need of using development methodologies tailored to each project and each client according to their requirements

Javier Sotomayor, COO - OpenSistemas

Our customers rely increasingly in OpenSistemas and propose us new challenges, next phases and we continue to deliver all our projects with a great success

Álvaro García, Sales Manager - OpenSistemas

Now we are more competitive

In OpenSistemas it is a priority to maintain our position at the forefront of technology, enabing us to offer our customers the solution that best fits their needs. In this effort to follow the latest trends and to partner key companies of the industry, OpenSistemas has been certified as a Gold Partner of Microsoft in Cloud Platform, proving our ability, experience and constant commitment.

As a result of this partnership, OpenSistemas has won two important prices:

  • The Microsoft 2016 Partner of the Year – Open Source on Azure Award. The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year.


  • The IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) Cloud Partner Award 2015 – EMEA Region, award given to the most innovative solution developed on Microsoft Azure in the region.

Ensuring excellence in all the services and products we deliver to our customers is key in all levels of the organization. to achieve this we have created OSIMS, OpenSistemas Integrated Management System, our global framework for management and improvement that binds together the set of certified processes of the company, as our own methodologies and work models tested during more than ten years.

ISO 9001: 2015, we have the seal of Quality in services related with ICT in open source environments.
ISO 14001: 2015, we have the seal of Environmental Management Systems in services related with ICT in open source environments.
ISO 20000: 2011, we have the seal of the international standard for quality management specifically focused on IT Service Management. You can access our Service Management Policy here.
ITIL, our reference framework for managing IT processes in the Support Area and in Managed Operations Area.
Scrum, reference methodology for software development in our Solutions Area.


You can access our Management Policy by clicking here and our Information Security policy by clicking here.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our broad experience in the world of services has led us to the conclusion that ethics and respect for people, the combined capacity to add value to the customer and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), are essential elements in a company like ours, based on values.


As part of our corporate responsibility, we support every step the club TriSport makes to carry our brand very far. Promoting good practices and sport have become the pillars of the CSR policy of our company, and to it we dedicate part of our resources.

Although we do not have an official ethical code we have always tried to promote good practice within the company. With the support of sport we consolidate this commitment, which we will strengthen with other actions in this line to settle our CSR policy.

Find more about TriSport

Penguin Island

We believe in the benefits of programming for young people, so our commitment to promote the learning of new technologies is complete. We are aware that the besthappens in open source, so we want to promote scientific-technical curiosity of children around open source technologies, taking as reference the language “scratch” with which they develop their own projects.

Besides the development of digital knowledge, the goal of Penguin Island is to instill the values of sharing, collaborative work and respect to others in children, main pillars of OpenSistemas as a company.

In this framework we will work on a number of training initiatives that will announce through our communication channels


In OpenSistemas we recognize the importance of enhancing the talent of people and teams, which becomes a key factor for differentiation. The changes have made us navigate a period of constant innovation turning the expertise of our teams into our main competitive advantage.

OpenSistemas is the people who compose it, especially when working with high added value services. Therefore, we try to build an organization that makes them better and gets the best of them, while making them happy.

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